Strait of Tiran & Dahab - Russian Federation

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SS Thistlegorm

The English ship was on her way to Egypt to supply the English Africa Corps with supplies when she was attacked by a German bomber on 6.10.1941 and sank.

The wreck lies upright on the seabed at a depth of 30 meters.
The cargo is especially interesting: tanks, trucks, weapons, motorcycles, railroad cars as well as a locomotive.

The Thistlegorm is a must for every Red Sea diver. She is a delight for wreck enthusiasts, not to mention her spectacular cargo.

But she also offers a variety of fish. Schools of barracudas or big tunas and snappers are not uncommon here. As an artificial reef, it also attracts countless coral fish.

Jackson Reef

The "Jackson Reef" resembles a triangle, the tip of which points towards the north. Exactly here lies the famous shipwreck "Lara", run aground and sunk in 1981. In the area of " Lara " you can always see hammerhead sharks, which are in the blue water and in pleasant depths between 10 and 30 meters.
This highly frequented dive spot is not only a treat for divers, but also snorkelers get their money's worth at "Jackson Reef", as there are two shallow plateaus. Perfect for an underwater excursion with the whole family. Besides the "Lara", the remains of the old lighthouse are also among the highlights of the reef.

Not only reef and hammerhead sharks can be seen with a little luck, but also magnificent coral gardens, red anemones, clownfish, horseeye jacks, eagle rays, napoleon wrasse, groupers or schools of tuna. See, be astonished, enjoy!

Woodhouse Reef

"Woodhouse Reef" is the longest of the four reefs in the Strait of Tiran. The reef top is about 1.2 kilometers long. In the area of the saddle one should be extremely careful, because here we divers are confronted with brutal currents that pull us down. This place is also called the "washing machine" by the locals.
Diving is mainly on the east side because there is a plateau, a canyon and interesting wreck ruins! If we look into the open water we have the chance to spot hammerheads, grey reef sharks, whitetip reef sharks, leopard sharks or eagle rays.

The canyon is too narrow to dive; best to stay in the upper area.

Thomas Reef

If you are into cave diving, you will have a great time at "Thomas Reef", which convinces with its vertical steep walls, many gorges and the spectacular canyon. However, the dive is only for experienced divers: Especially on the side that faces "Woodhouse Reef", the currents change immensely depending on the tides and are not only fast, but also create down currents.
Those who dare should not hesitate and book the tour immediately. The "Thomas Reef" is simply a brilliant and unique dive site. The canyon may rightly brag with its three rock bridges, gorgonian fields and black corals are always showing off for their visitors and again lionfish, reef sharks, barracudas, moray eels or family members of the other 1,200 fish species in the Red Sea come by for a visit. Pure fish cinema!

Ras Mohammed with Jolanda & Shark Reef

The cape takes its name from its rocky peak to the east, whose contours are reminiscent of a male profile with a beard - the head of Mohammed - carved in stone.

Ras Mohamed is one of the world's most famous dive sites and is located at the tip of Sinai. Two small reefs are connected by a vertical sloping wall.
Close to Shark Reef, a little further north, is Anemone City, an vast, shallow reef zone with numerous sea anemones and their red sea anemone fish and three-spotted damsel fish.

From Shark Reef, you can drift with the current along a steep wall that drops several 100 m to Jolanda Reef. The wall is completely covered with colourful corals. On the way to Jolanda Reef you reach a plateau with small boulders and coral islands. Once at the reef, you will see the scattered remains of the Yolanda wreck ,containerised sanitation facilities for the construction industry, now completely taken over by the life of the coral reef.

Blue Hole

This enormous hole along the coast in the coral reef with a diameter of 50 to 65 meters, is located 10 km north of Dahab in the east of the Sinai Peninsula. The drop-offs reach depths of considerable 70 to 110 meters.

The Blue Hole is a large hole in the reef top of the coastal fringing reef, which drops vertically to depths of 70 meters to 110 meters. It has a diameter of 50 to 65 meters.
The reason why the Blue Hole is considered the most dangerous dive site in the world is because of a connection to the open sea, which is called an "arch" because of its shape. It extends from the bottom of the Blue Hole up to a depth of 55 meters. At its upper end it is only a few meters wide and about 26 m long. Also at the outer edge the reef forms an almost vertical drop-off, which continues below the "exit" of the Blue Hole as a steep slope down to several hundred meters depth.


Inside the canyon, depths range from 25 metres to its shallowest point (closest to the reef wall) to more than 50 metres. You must be an advanced diver to dive here. Technical divers can enter the canyon and follow it through a crack at 54-55 metres to the deepest exit.