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Ras Abu Soma


Would you like a relaxed and yet spectacular dive? At "Ras Abu Soma" we enjoy the possibility of big fish sightings due to the drop-off, but can enjoy floating in the water without any problems. A great spot for students who want to see something and more experienced divers who want to relax.


"Ras", meaning the "head" of Abu Soma, is a drop off wall that descends into the depths at this reef at the northern end of Safaga Bay. At a depth of about 25 meters we find a plateau with many different corals, mainly table and hard corals.

In the blue water the chances of seeing barracudas, mackerels, snappers, tunas and bat- and surgeon fish are good. From time to time at "Ras Abu Soma" even grey reef sharks or whitetip reef sharks are sighted as well as leopard or hammerhead sharks, stingrays, guitarfish or eagle rays and in spring also manta rays.
On the plateau, however, we always find interesting reef inhabitants, such as moray eels, octopuses or cuttlefish on the reef slope and clownfish in their anemones. Further south is "Ras Abu Soma Garden", a great coral garden that turtles and milkfish also love.


  • Coral garden: It is located in the south and is known for surprising encounters. Be sure to stop by!
  • Table corals: They stand mighty and magnificent on the plateau of "Ras Abu Soma" and are virtually the landmarks of this dive site.

map Dive Plans

Ras Abu Soma

Although the current is not particularly strong, it comes from the north and we can therefore start a drift dive along the reef wall. We start a few hundred meters from the beginning of the plateau and drift south, the reef on our right shoulder. At the depth of 35 meters we find a cave and then dive further up to explore the plateau. We dive to the shallow reef at four to five meters and then we find ourselves at the boat.

Ras Abu Soma garden

We start from the boat and explore the southern area of "Ras Abu Soma" where we find the beautiful coral garden. Some ancient huge coral blocks are there for us to discover. Also turtles can be seen, and this is not a shark, but a milkfish, even if it is often called "tourist shark". The current doesn't bother us in the "Ras Abu Soma Garden", because the boat is never far away.