1. hunting, fishing, collecting or destroying corals and shells is prohibited.
2. it is forbidden to throw garbage into the sea, including oil, garbage, grease, etc.
3. the use of boat anchors in protected areas is prohibited.
4. feeding of fish and birds is prohibited.
5. it is forbidden to use diving gloves and knives.
6. it is forbidden to walk on corals or reefs.
7. the use of drones is prohibited
... In case of non-compliance, a heavy fine or even arrest is possible.
... In addition, the captain and dive guide lose permission to work in the Red Sea and the boat is not allowed to leave port for a specified period of time ...
The maximum diving depth required by law is 40 m.

In almost all vacation countries, it is common to show your appreciation for good work and good service
in the form of additional money. An amount of 60 euros per person for the crew is the rule.
Of course it is up to you which amount you want to give.
If you are satisfied with the performance of our dive guides, you are also welcome to give a tip for them in the 2nd envelope.

The crew on board speaks partly English.
Our dive guides usually speak German and English.
Also our office staff in Hurghada speak German and English.

We offer free internet connenction on all our boats. Per trip we have 40 Gibabytes . That means it is for limited internet browsing to connect with communication applications. Automatic updates must be deactivated during the cruise. Even on land upload/download availability and speed is very limited. We kindly ask guests to refrain from transferring large files. Signal strenght can vary which may result in intermittent, slow or no connection.In case you wish to have your private internet access, please buy your personal Data Sim Card from any of the local providers at the airport . It is not possible for us to arrange SIM Cards in advance as passport must be presented at the time of purchase.

It is possible to pay cash with Euro, US Dollar and Egyptian Pound.
Credit cards are not accepted.

There is a safe on board. Since there is no insurance, we point out,
that no liability is covered for missing valuables.
You should have your valuables and passport locked up.
At the request of our guests we will collect the additional costs directly at the beginning of the safari,
so that these amounts do not have to be carried with you for a week.

The order of the dive sites is variable. Our captain will bring you depending on the weather
safely to the dive sites.
ATTENTION: The tour description is only our suggestion.
Which dive sites will be dived on the tour depends on many factors,
including wind and weather.

Should problems, defects or inconveniences occur, give this information immediately to your dive guide.
ONLY then he can help. Do not wait until the end of the safari.
At the end of the safari we will distribute a guest report. Here you can write your impressions or suggestions for our office.

Hospitality has, as in all Arab countries, here a high value
and so it is also expected from all guests of the country that you adapt to the rules of conduct
of an Islamic country and respect them.
With consideration for the moral conceptions of an Islamic country it is not appropriate to lie on deck "topless" or to walk around undressed.
Please respect the country and its religion.

To confirm your return flight, we need to have the passport data at least 14 days before your arrival. After your booking with us or your tour operator, you will receive a data link to fill and upload your passport. Please fill it in accurately. We are not responsible for flight delays.

If you book your own flights, please take into account the time for the return flight. The last dive of the safari usually takes place around noon the day before departure. For safety reasons you should not dive 24 hours before your flight home.

The guide from SEAWOLF - Diving Safari will greet you with a sign from SEAWOLF.
For an extra charge of Euro 30 he will take care of your visa (stamp), which will be inserted into your passport.
After checking the immigration office you will go to the baggage claim.
The guide will ask you for your return flight number and departure time,
and then reconfirm the return flight.
After you get your luggage, he will take you to the air-conditioned bus,
to go to the boat or to the SEAWOLF diving center.
When the transfer to the boat starts in the evening, you can start your vacation with sunbathing , swimming or just relaxing on the beach of the diving center.

Of course we need time to load the boats, to clean them and to do some small maintenance work.
We ask for your understanding that check-in on the day of arrival cannot take place before 18:00 p.m.
and the check-out at 10:00 o'clock at the latest.
If you check in before 18:00 p.m., please keep in mind that the crew is still cleaning
or the boat is still being loaded.
We will stay in port the first night and the boat will leave the next morning.
Check out
In the afternoon, one day before departure, the boat enters the harbor.
The luggage will be taken out of storage to prepare all your personal belongings at your leisure.
You will receive the details for the return journey from the staff of SEAWOLF - Diving Safari.
For organizational or technical reasons it may happen (very rarely) that you will stay for the
last night as our guest in a hotel.

Once you arrive at the pier, you will be taken to the boat.
On board, the street shoes must be taken off immediately and for the entire stay.
(do not forget warm socks or sailing shoes).
Afterwards you put your diving luggage into your personal dive box and take
the rest of your luggage into the cabin.
The empty luggage will be stored by the crew in the appropriate storage
until departure.
There is 1 towel and 1 bath towel per person in all cabins,
These are changed in the middle of the week. During the colder season
there is also a bathrobe.
Your dive guide in charge will inform you during the evening about the
boat, safety, diving and general information.

It is forbidden to enter the salon or the cabins with the diving equipment,
please do not wear wet swimwear in the salon.
All cabins are equipped with individually controlled air conditioning.
The air conditioners do not run while the tanks are being filled.
Each cabin has portholes. Make sure the portholes are closed during the trip.
Valuables such as computers, cameras or telephones should be
stored in the locker so that they do not get damaged in case of water penetration.
Here in Egypt there is no corresponding insurance, therefore no refund can be made.
Not all cabins are equipped with a hair dryer. We have a hair dryer in the salon. Contact us in advance if you need one.
Sleeping on deck
If you want to sleep on deck, bring a sleeping bag and ear protection.
Mattresses from the cabin are not allowed to be taken on deck, as a base
mattresses from the sundeck are suitable.
Bathrooms and toilets
Please do not throw the used toilet paper or other hygiene articles into the toilet, please use the containers provided for this purpose, otherwise the toilets may become clogged.
A repair during the safari is usually not possible, or with a strong
dirt or odor pollution. In addition, the toilet paper drifts over the
the reef and disturbs the diving pleasure.
Please use soap and shower gel sparingly, because the waste water is released untreated into the sea.
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly products are already on the market.
Smoking on board
In the cabins, in the salon and on the diving deck of the boat smoking is not allowed. Please use the ashtrays provided and do not throw butts overboard.

There are 3 meals served per day in buffet style.
Breakfast usually consists of pita bread, toast, pancakes,
jam, honey, eggs in different variations,
yogurt, Nescafe and tea.
For the main meals, chicken, beef or fish is served.
This is accompanied by rice, pasta, potatoes and various vegetables and salads.
For dessert, pudding, cake or fruit is on the menu.
During the safari Nescafe, tea, mineral water, cola, sprite and juices are available free of charge in bottles.
Canned drinks and alcoholic beverages are excluded.
It is not allowed to take beer on the boat, but there is enough beer and wine on board.
The board service starts with dinner on the first day and ends with breakfast on the last day.

We require from each diver a valid certification and logbook.
If you present a medical certificate, it should not be older than 1 year.
On the boat you adjust your diving needs to yourself.
As an early starter you have the possibility of an Early Morning Dive.
After the breakfast you will go to the famous
Drop Off Reefs in the Red Sea and to the reefs that are still real insider tips.
In the afternoon wrecks are on the agenda as well as magical labyrinths,
mysterious caves and magnificent underwater gardens. If this is not enough for you
you can end the day with a comfortable night dive.
The supervision on board and under water on all SEAWOLF boats is provided by
professional dive guides. Each of them has several years of experience in the Red Sea
and knows the reefs inside out.
Detailed briefings by the dive guide will put you in the position to
the attractions of each dive site also independently with your dive buddy.
For the diving are 12-liter aluminum with DIN valve available (INT adapters are available), as well as enough weights.
All other equipment must be brought along (please do not forget your weight belt).
There are hangers for the suits. The jacket remains mounted on the tank during the whole liveaboard.
Divers with a lower number of dives dive - in a small
group - with more experienced divers or the dive guide.
Brother Islands and Marine Park Tours
For the underwater national parks (Brother Islands, Daedalus, Rocky Island and Zabargad)
50 logged dives are required in the logbook.
Night diving is generally prohibited there.
Also going on Zabargad and Rocky Island is not allowed.
Starting ports
Safaris to the Brother Islands - Hurghada or Marsa Ghaleb
Safaris to the Marine Park Tours - Hurghada or Marsa Ghaleb
Safaris to the South, Deep South / St. John`s tours - Marsa Ghaleb
Safaris to the North Tours - Hurghada
Transfer times: from Airport Hurghada to Marsa Ghaleb approx. 3 hours.
From Airport Marsa Alam to Marsa Ghaleb approx. 10 min.

Decompression dives are generally prohibited and the maximum diving depth is 40 meters.
For diving emergencies, there are four 50-liter oxygen tanks on the boat with accessories and a medic first aid kit.
We recommend the purchase of a special insurance that covers
in case of a diving accident your rescue, decompression chamber costs and the
transport home.
We strongly recommend that you make an insurance with Aqua Med or DAN.
- This is valid all year round and also for trips abroad - not only for diving accidents,
but also for other accidents and sickness are covered as well.
On board you have the possibility to make a decompression chamber insurance -.
cost € 10,-.
All SEAWOLF boats are equipped with the electronic emergency call and locating system ENOS.
Safety on board
In your cabin you will find life jackets. On the upper deck there are self
inflatable life rafts, which can be operated by the boat crew in case of an emergency. In the salon, in the engine room and in all cabins are powder fire extinguishers
for emergency use. Furthermore, the boats are equipped with radio and telephones.
NITROX 32 diving with 12 liter tanks is possible on all SEAWOLF boats.
With a standard equipment NITROX 32 (EAN32) can be used. An analyzer is on board.
The training for the Nitrox basic certificate (Level 1 + 2) can be completed during the vacation on board. Please register in advance.
If the Nitrox system should not be available for technical reasons, there is no refund.
We offer free diving with ENOS on all our boats.
The ENOS system offers 100% safety. Should you drift with the current,
you activate your ENOS transmitter and via a satellite the boat gets
your coordinates via satellite. So you can be picked up at any time.

A visa is required to enter the Sudan and we can arrange your visa.
- Sending us your valid passport copy and your flight data we will make the visa for you and we will send you a copy before your departure.
- Note: The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after departure.
The passport must not have a visa or stamp from Israel.
The passport must have three blank pages.
For Germany, Austria and Switzerland there is also the possibility to get the
Sudan visa from the Sudanese embassy.
For this purpose you will receive an invitation letter from us.

One of our employees will be waiting for you directly at the airport Port Sudan and handle the the formalities (visa).
Your passports are during the duration of the safari with us in the office in order to do the
Then you will drive directly to the SEAWOLF Dominator. The travel time from the airport to the boat
is about 20 minutes.
Once on the boat, there will be a guided tour for all guests with a general briefing.
Afterwards you have enough time to prepare your diving.
ATTENTION - in Sudan there is no rental equipment!
The next morning you will set sail early and after a one hour trip you will reach the first dive site.
On the last day (Sunday) only 2 dives will be offered, so that you can get rid off the
the remaining nitrogen in 24 hours before the return flight.
In the evening the SEAWOLF Dominator arrives in Port Sudan and you spend the night on board.
The next morning we go into town and visit the colorful market in Port Sudan. There you can walk around and do some shopping.
Afterwards the transfer will take you from the boat to the airport.

The best time for a liveaboard is the period
end of February until the beginning of June, when the thermocline is at
about 25-30 meters deep and the wind is moderate.
From the middle of June to the middle of September it is very hot and
the desert winds also provide a lot of sand in the air.
Recommended travel time: 1 - 2 weeks
Best time to travel: late February to mid June
Currents: Usually mild, sometimes a bit stronger
Surface Conditions: Usually calm, rarely rough
Water temperatures: 24°C - 33°C
Level: Intermediate - Advanced
Number of dives: >30
Depths: 5m - 40m
Visibility: 10m - 35m

Import regulations
The importation of alcohol, pork and pornographic newspapers, men's magazines
magazines with explicit images of women and men and similar films, etc. is prohibited.
To bring goods from Israel is strictly forbidden.
If alcohol is found in the luggage upon arrival, there may be inconveniences
and long waiting times at customs.
Beer, wine and soft drinks are available on board.
beverages. ( As long as the supply lasts)

Behavior in public
We are in a Muslim country and when visiting the city we recommend that
ladies to wear long pants or skirts below the knee and to avoid wide cut tops.
On the way back from the safari, please note that we are back in town.
Men should avoid leaving the boat in swimming shorts. By dressing properly you show respect for the local culture and you can move around undisturbed.
Eating, drinking and smoking in public is not tolerated in Ramadan
during the daytime hours.

Filming and photography
Please just ask the locals if you are allowed to take pictures.
Photographing and filming military installations, uniformed personnel and ministries, military, police and other public facilities of all kinds is best avoided.

Medical care
Medical care in the country cannot be compared with that in Europe and is in many cases often problematic in terms of technology, equipment and/or hygiene. A sufficient,
worldwide health insurance and a reliable travel insurance is highly recommended.

An individual first-aid kit should be taken along.
Vaccination protection:
For direct entry from Germany
mandatory vaccinations are not required.

Credit cards/bank cards
Credit cards and foreign bank cards cannot be used in Sudan.
On board only cash payment is possible - the cash payment on the ship should be
should be in Euro. Please make sure to carry enough cash.

§1 Completion of the travel contract
With the application the customer offers SEAWOLF – Diving Safari Red Sea, the close of a travel contract bindingly. The application can be done via Fax or E-Mail. It is done by the customer also for all listed participants on the application.
The customer is responsible for their contractual obligation as well as for his own. The contract comes about with the acceptation from ­SEAWOLF – Diving Safari. The acceptation is subject no special form. With conclusion of the contract or immediately after it ­SEAWOLF – Diving Safari will send the bill to the customer also as a confirmation.
§2 Payment
With sending the bill/confirmation a deposit of 20 % is demanded. The rest payment has to be done at the latest 5 weeks before the start of the journey, like it is written in the bill, if the trip can not be cancelled any longer because of the reasons in number
6.1) or 6.2). Bookings within 4 weeks before start of the journey the customer has to pay the whole amount immediately. If the whole amount is not paid until beginning of the trip ­SEAWOLF – Diving Safari is released of obligation and can ask for the according rescission payment, if there is no right for refusal of payment.
§3 Benefits
Welcome on the airport from our tour leader. He will wait for the customer with a sign of ­SEAWOLF-Safari or from the travel agency and the visa in the airport. The tour leader will note the flight details of each customer for the flight back and reconfirm them.
Full board, 3 - 4 dives a day (depends on the weather and the travel time, night dives at Marine Parks are prohibited), tank, weight belt, led, air, dive guide, soft drinks..
Additional costs are listed on our Website
§4 Benefits- and price changing
Changes or discrepancies of particular travel benefits from the agreed travel contract which are necessary after conclusion of the contract and not against good faith effected by ­SEAWOLF – Diving are only allowed if the changes or variations are not extensive and don’t compromise the overall arrangement of the travel. Possibly guaranty claims will remain unaffected if the changed benefits are with imperfections. ­SEAWOLF – Diving Safari is bind to inform the customer immediately about changes or discrepancies.
When indicated the customer get offered a free change or free rescission. In case of price increase for more than 5 % after conclusion of the contract or in case of an extensive change of the travel benefits, the customer can resign at no charge or take part on an at least equal trip, if ­SEAWOLF – Diving Safari is able to offer a trip like that without price increase for the customer.

§5 Rescission of the customer, change of reservation, replacement
The customer can resign in any time from the trip. The income of the cancellation at ­SEAWOLF – Diving Safari is applicable. The customer is commended to declare the rescission in writing. If the customer cancels the travel contract or he don’t take part, SEAWOLF­ – Diving Safari will ask about alternative for the done travel arrangement and for the expenses.
For the calculation of the alternative, saved expenses and usual possible other applications have to be considered.
SEAWOLF – Diving Safari can trivialize this recourse under consideration of the following classification of the closeness of the date for demission to the agreed departure date with a percentaged ratio to the travel price.:
generally 10 % of travel price from...
45th until 30th day before departure 20 % 29th until 22nd day before departure 30 % 21st until 15th day before departure 50 %
14th until 2nd day before departure 75 % and 24 hours before departure 100 %
generally 10 % of travel price
from.. 60th until 45th day before departure 20 % 44th until 30th day before departure 50 % 29th until 20th day before departure 75 %
19th until departure 100 %
If there are any changes from wish of the customer after booking the travel because of the date, the travel destination, place of departure, vacancy or the kind of transportation, ­SEAWOLF – Diving Safari can demand a rebooking charge per person.
Until the travel starts the customer can demand, that a third person get into his right and duty of the booking. If a third person joins the contract, he and the customer guarantee as the co-debtor for the travel price and for the possibly additional costs. If a booked travel is not taken or with own arrival missing the boat, with reasons not up to SEAWOLF,­ it is not a rescission of the travel contract so you are commit to pay the full amount of the travel price.
§6 Rescission and cancellation from SEAWOLF – Diving Safari
SEAWOLF – Diving Safari can resign from the contract before the travel in following cases:
6.1 Until 2 weeks before departure date in case of non achievement of the announcement or official defined minimum attendance, if in the subscription of the tour the minimum attendance is suggested.
In any case SEAWOLF – Diving Safari is committed to inform the customer immediately after the access of condition for the non implementation of the travel and to send him immediately the cancellation.
The customer retrieves the already paid travel amount immediately. If it appears at a prior date that the minimum attendance is not reachable, SEAWOLF – Diving Safari has to inform the customer immediately.
6.2 Until 4 weeks before departure
If the realization of the trip is not possible after consumption of all possibilities for SEAWOLF – Diving Safari because the booking appearance is so minor that SEAWOLF – Diving Safari would exceed the economic sacrificial limit relating to the travel if they would realize the trip.
The right of withdrawal for SEAWOLF – Diving Safari exist only if they are not responsible for the circumstances (for example no mistake of calculation) and if they submit a comparable replacement offer. If the trip is cancelled because of this reason, the customer gets the deposited travel price immediately back. Additional his booking expenses will be refund, if he doesn’t use the replacement offer.

§7 Cancellation of the contract because of extraordinary circumstances
If the trip is considerable complicated, compromised or affected by not predictable force majeure at the booking term,
SEAWOLF – Diving Safari as well as the customer can cancel the contract.
Force majeure are unavoidable events such as B. Natural disasters of any kind, in particular earthquakes, floods, storms, volcanic eruptions, pandemics, but also minor accidents such as riots, blockades, boycotts, fire, civil war, embargo, hostage-taking, war, revolution.
If the contract is cancelled, SEAWOLF – Diving Safari refund all payments already made.
§8 Guarantee
8.1 Corrective
If the trip is not adduced conventionary, the customer can require corrective. SEAWOLF – Diving Safari can refuse the corrective if it requires a disproportional effort. SEAWOLF – Diving Safari can also find a remidy, that an equal indemnification is provided. SEAWOLF – Diving Safari can
refuse the corrective, if it needs a disproportional effort.
8.2 Reduction of the journey rate
For the duration of a not conventionary supply of the trip, the customer can ask for a appropriate decrease of the journey rate (reduction).
The journey rate has to be decreased in a percentage, like the condition free from defect at the time of the travel sales, to the real value. The decrease doesn’t occur if the customer culpably fail to announce the deficit.
8.3 Cancellation of the contract
If the trip is extensive effected due to a defect and SEAWOLF – Diving Safari doesn’t accomplish corrective within an adequate attend the customer can, within the legal requirements, cancel the contract in his own interest and of evidence ensure reasons, purposefully by written declaration.
The same applies, if it is not expected of the customer because of a visible reason known by SEAWOLF – Diving Safari.
The purpose of a term for the corrective is only not subjected, if a corrective is impossible or refused by SEAWOLF – Diving Safari,
or if the immediate cancellation of the contract is justifiable with a special interest of the customer.
He owes SEAWOLF – Diving Safari the part of the travel fee of the claimed benefits, if the benefits were interested for him.
8.4 Compensation
The customer can, irrespectively of the decrease or the cancellation, ask for compensation because of default, unless SEAWOLF – Diving Safari is not responsible for the absence of the journey.
§9 Obligation to co-operate
The customer is committed to take part in occurred defaults within the legal requirements, to avoid possible damages or keep it humble.
The customer is particularly committed to submit his complaints immediately to the local representative. He or she is ordered to find a remedy, if it is possible.
Did the customer omit culpably to notify the deficit, the demand of a decrease is not defend.
§10 Invalidity of individual terms
The invalidity of individual terms of the travel contract doesn´t involve the invalidity of the complete travel contract.
§11 Jurisdiction
The customer can sue SEAWOLF – Diving Safari only at the registered office. For claims of SEAWOLF – Diving Safari against the customer, the residence of the customer is authoritative, unless the complaint is against registered trader or person who changed the residence or habitual domicile abroad, or whose residence or habitual domicile is not common. In this cases the registered office of SEAWOLF – Diving Safari is authoritative.