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Shaab Sataya


Shaab Sataya South is a section of Sataya Reef and offers several options for dives.


The mooring of most boats is in the north at the entrance to the lagoon. The lagoon is not so interesting, because there is only sand. But it is a huge lagoon that leads to the "Dolphin Reef", where you can meet dolphins very often. Usually after the dive a small detour is made into the lagoon to give the divers the opportunity to snorkel with dolphins.

At Shaab Sataya South there are 3 possible tours, but only 2 of them are interesting - the third one is rather an exception.
Entrance to the lagoon: Night dives are often done in the 10 m area under the boat. A nice area are the blocks north of the boats to the entrance of the lagoon.


  • Often you can find intrusive lionfish at the coral blocks, which you can watch hunting. Otherwise, a wide variety of nudibranchs can be found here, along with giant triggerfish, moray eels and a countless number of butterflyfish.