Dive Site

Abu Galawa Kebir

  • Current: N/W in the morning, N/E at midday, O in the afternoon
  • Visibility: J, F, M, A: 20–30 m; M, J, J, A: 30–40 m; S, O, N, D: 30 m
  • Temperatures: J, F, M: 25–27°C; A, M, J: 27–29°C; J, A, S: 30–31°C; O, N, D: 31–27°C
  • Depth: 30 m


This reef in the center of Sataya is most famous for a wreck: the "Tien Hsing". But there is also one of the largest coral gardens in the area and a safe anchorage in bad weather and overnight.


At Abu Galawa Kebir there are lagoons and several side reefs that offer everything there is to see in the Red Sea. Blue staghorn corals, wonderful landscapes.
Besides the "Rosalie Moller" and the "Numidia", the steam tugboat of Abu Galawa, the "Tien Hsing", is one of the most beautiful shipwrecks in the Red Sea. She was a harbor tug built in Shanghai in 1935. With a length of 36m, a beam of just over 7m and a draft of about 3m, it was a rather small ship for these purposes. On October 26, 1943, the tug sank and now lies at a depth of 12-13m in a slight angle on the west side behind the canal.

The wreck is easily visible on the starboard side, but less so on the port side, so many corals grow on it!

The coral garden on the west side consists of mountain corals. In the upper part, the cuts and channels are overgrown with table corals. Also here you can dive great at night.


  • Wreck: The Tien Hsing doesn't like to reveal itself, but unfortunately it can't really camouflage itself as a "normal reef" anymore on the starboard side.
  • Blue Staghorn Coral: During our dive we see this coral again and again. The wonderful light reflections of this coral are caused by larger polyps on the tips of the branches.

map Dive Plans

The west

When the weather is good and there is little wave, it is most beautiful to dive directly from the boat towards the lagoon. Inside there is a small hole in the wall that leads into the almost mystical overgrown lagoon. In the back there is an erg with a circular "hat". Towards the west, at a depth of 4m, there is a beautifully overgrown channel. Halfway you have to cross a small elevation. In the first lagoon on the left you have to cross the corals after 50m and you are almost back at the boat.

The Thien Hsing

The wreck is in excellent condition. Time and water could hardly harm it so far. Look at everything in your own time and be amazed at the diversity of life in this wreck!

Night dive

At night Abu Galawa Kebir is a very easy dive site. Just dive on the south side of the northern reef towards the west to the coral gardens. On a distance of 30m you will find everything you need for a comfortable night dive . But definitely shrimp, crabs, sleeping parrotfish and slugs.