Dive Site

Shaab el Erg


After 90 minutes drive from Hurghada, you can reach Shaab el Erg, the first dive site on the Safari.


Shaab el Erg is an extensive reef, in the shape of a horseshoe. This formation is open to the south with a shallow lagoon, which is full of ergs. The whole lagoon can be dived.

Very popular are the northern tip, the eastern wall or the southwestern tip - Gota Shaab el Erg.


  • Between Gota and the main reef is a small canal; on the south and west side is a large sandy plateau with innumerable towers and coral heads. The domiciled dolphins pass several times a day this channel. They can be seen all year round here.
  • Mantas can be observed from January to March on the northern tip.
  • On the plateau that surrounds Gota, you can find scorpion fish, groupers, snowflake moray, blue spotted stingrays and many triggerfish. .
  • Under the table corals you can see from time to time white tip reef sharks.
  • In the sand you find cone snails, shells and sole. Along the shallow reef frolicking nose unicorn fish, angelfish, bream, snapper and turtles.
  • The diving on Gota Shaab el Erg is dreamlike. For photographers especially the coral heads are likely to be interesting.