Dive Site



From the mooring you go by zodiac to the northern point and drop into the water, or rather into the aquarium. The depth near the reef wall is 6m, the sunlight illuminates the reef in all colors and the diver is surrounded by many many fish.


Slowly you gain depth and dive right shoulder along the reef. Here it can already come to encounters with white tip reef sharks.
The reef slopes gently and without current you can dive around the many boulders. Hard corals in great variety, beautiful intact table corals and nice growth. Just before the mooring you can see a block that looks like a huge mushroom. This block is covered with beautiful soft corals that shine in shades of purple, white and blue. It is worth looking closely to spot the small flatworms from the variety of colors of the growth. A large school of barracudas also crosses the way here and amazing is the calmness of the predators that the diver can approach up to a few centimeters. Under the boat you dive at the reef wall in 5m depth or stay under the boat and spend the remaining time in a swarm of black spotted sweetlips.


  • Gota Shambaia is a very nice dive site to enjoy and discover, with a wide variety of fauna and flora.