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Protector Reef


From Hindi Gider 10 nautical miles to the southeast lies this approximately 1 nautical mile long reef. On the northern tip are the remains of an unknown wreck.


North plateau
The reef wall drops vertically to 15 meters. It is covered with crevices and small caves, which are home to numerous reef dwellers. It is followed by a shallow plateau where some wreckage of an unknown ship is scattered. The bottom is covered with colorful soft corals. Schools of barracudas are swimming above whip corals. On the outside the plateau drops steeply into the deep blue. Remarkably large fan gorgonians grow on the wall and offer underwater photographers attractive motives. Often one encounters whitetip and grey reef sharks.
South Plateau
The south plateau is characterized by its step-like structure. The first step is at 3 to 5 meters. Countless small reef dwellers populate the shallow water area which is flooded with light. They include yellow-brown boxfish, surgeonfish and several species of goby. In 13 and 20 meters there are more steps. These are covered with numerous small coral blocks. Stony corals, with whip corals rising between them, dominate the bottom. Shoals of spiny mackerels swim above them. Occasionally white tip reef sharks can be encountered, too. At the approximately 300 meter long plateau, as well as on the north side, stronger currents must be expected.


  • White tip and gray reef sharks